Here’s to badass bday gifts (at Colbie’s Neighborhood Pub)



Oh look it’s just Chris Pratt surprising a theater full of kids at a charity screening of Guardians of the Galaxy in New York

oh look Chris Pratt has melted my heart into a puddle yet again

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Your move, Jennifer Lawrence.

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Saw this duck bro with a mohawk the other day in Wimberley

Saw this duck bro with a mohawk the other day in Wimberley


True story: for a split second my stage name was Sonny Lerke, as this demo from 1999 unpleasantly documents. The cover picture was taken in a photo booth at Majorstuen station in Oslo. The track listing read Faces Down, Don’t Be Shallow, I Knew What To Do (early version of No One’s Gonna Come, The Truth (aka Sleep On Needles) and Things You Call Fate. All songs recorded on my little tape recorder that I still use when I write songs. This was also the demo (and the hot picture) that got me signed to Virgin Records soon thereafter. Thankfully I found myself and gave up on Sonny. #storagestories

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30 sun salutations for 30 years 🙏

Seven says, “Colbie don’t be such a worry wart, god”


*swallows a watermelon seed* *thinks about that episode of Rugrats*

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Well damn, this might have made it all worth it. Texting him right now that he should reconsider.