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Well damn, this might have made it all worth it. Texting him right now that he should reconsider.

My novio got offered a job in Shreveport, LA and was really really considering taking it and wanted me to go with him but decided tonight not to take it but now I have extensive Shreveport knowledge after researching it obsessively the past two weeks. 

(I also started seeing a therapist recently and for some reason he keeps trying to talk to me about anxiety)

Sunday & the last week of my 20s



This is a baby musk ox.


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Summer Friday jamz


Dana Carvey performs “Choppin’ Broccoli” with an orchestra

Dana Carvey’s HBO special used to re-run on Comedy Central all the time and was the first standup show I ever watched and loved. His facial expressions still crack me up.

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The possibility occurs to me
that every person
has a certain number of weddings
inside of them,
and with each of these events,
my own chance at marriage
is disappearing.
At a certain point,
good stories become less important
than living the kind of life
I’ve only ever glimpsed
at other people’s weddings.
Brian S. Ellis, “Year of Weddings,” published in Drunk in a Midnight Choir (via bostonpoetryslam)
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